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Standards-based assessment and Instruction


Bridge the Gap Between Common Core, Your Classroom and the Real World


The tasks created by Exemplars are excellent examples of rich problem-solving that naturally elicit the Practice Standards… we will look at the Grade 2 task “Barnyard Buddies” and discuss how it meets each of the eight Mathematical Practice Standards as well as content standard 2.OA.A.1.

How Problem Solving Prepares our Kids for Success Beyond the Classroom


Today, we know that average isn’t good enough for our kids, who are losing out to students in other countries as jobs rapidly evolve.

A Common Core “Must Read” Paper


Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins have written a “must read” paper – “From Common Core Standards to Curriculum: Five Big Ideas,” in which they offer key ideas to guide the work of transforming the Common Core Standards to a functioning curriculum in a school or district.

Using Exemplars for School Improvement


That first year we implemented the program, our math scores increased by over 30 points to well above passing while decreasing the disparity gap to within 10 points. That was five years ago, and Exemplars is still thriving.

Exemplars New Math Samples, K-8


Please share these with your colleagues. We suggest trying our problem-solving tasks in your school and discussing the student work as a team to see how your students approach them.

Using Anchor Papers to Help Teachers and Students Understand the Common Core


With the new standards and learning expectations outlined in the Common Core, anchor papers can be a useful tool for helping your teachers and students see and understand what meeting the new standards will “look” like in their classrooms.

Preparing for the Common Core: Using Rubrics to Guide Teachers and Students


As you begin preparing your staff to integrate the Common Core this year, rubrics should play a key role in terms of helping your teachers and students achieve success with the new standards.

Mathematical Practice and Problem Solving: Preparing Your Teachers for Common Core


To fully prepare for the implementation of the Common Core, teachers must have an understanding of what problem solving is, why it is important and how to go about implementing it. For many, the successful teaching of problem solving will require real pedagogical shifts. What do teachers need to know?

Reflections on Partnering with Exemplars


…the use of a well-designed mathematical performance task like those developed by “Exemplars” may reveal how well a student has grasped and applied the math concept in an intervention or lesson(s).

#2 Tips for Planning Successful Problem-Based Learning in Your Math Classroom


In this post, Dr. Julia Watson offers suggestions on how teachers might go about incorporating the PBL approach into their classrooms. It is the second piece in a two-part series.

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