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Standards-based assessment and Instruction


What is Exemplars?

Exemplars publishes hands-on, standards-based assessment and instruction material that focuses on authentic learning in the areas of Math, Science and Writing. Our material engages students and includes rubrics and anchor papers. Students are encouraged to communicate their thinking.

How was Exemplars started?

Exemplars was started to help schools and districts begin the work of standards-based performance assessment by publishing classroom-tested performance tasks with rubrics and annotated anchor papers.

What are rubrics and anchor papers?

Exemplars material includes rubrics and anchor papers. Our assessment rubrics provide teachers with a clear set of gudelines for assessing student work and reveal areas that need improvement, meet the standard or exceed expectations. Student rubrics provide students with a concrete understanding of what works meets today's standards and why. Anchor papers are task specific and identify distinctions to look for when assessing students. These can also be used to promote student self- and peer-assessment.

What is Exemplars differentiated math?

Each Exemplars Pre K-8 math performance task is accompanied by a more accessible and a more challenging version of the problem. Different levels of the same task can be used with different level math classes, or more accessible versions of the tasks can be used as instructional pieces, and the original and more challenging versions as assessment pieces. Click to view a sample.

How long has Exemplars been in existence?

Exemplars was founded in 1993.

Have the materials been piloted in the classroom?

All of our material is piloted in the classroom by teachers.

What happens if we have never used performance-assessment materials?

Exemplars has designed a user-friendly Getting Started section on our web site to help teachers and school leaders begin the implementation process. To learn more, please click here.

Exemplars also offers professional development to schools and districts. Our workshops are designed to provide teachers with a firm foundation in using standards-based assessment and instruction. Each workshop is uniquely structured to best meet your individual needs and objectives.

How does Exemplars fit with Title I math programs?

Please click here to learn how Exemplars differentiated math support Title I programs.

Our teacher-friendly tasks are designed to support both the Common Core and Citywide instructional expectations. GO Math! alignments are also available.
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Here's What People Are Saying

'Exemplars have enabled teachers to give students opportunities to apply math concepts in problem-solving situations. They provide situations to encourage dialogue among students in the classroom.'

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