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Standards-based assessment and Instruction

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National Title I Conference, Booth #640

For more than 20 years, Exemplars has published math performance tasks for instruction and assessment. Our authentic material engages students and is differentiated at 3 levels. Our latest K-5 material, Problem Solving for the Common Core, features newly-developed tasks and classroom tools to support the implementation of CCSSM.

Exemplars can help your Title I program, by providing:

  • Authentic problem solving that engages students and helps them develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Differentiated tasks that allow teachers to meet individual student’s instructional needs.
  • Assessment rubrics that support the CCSS for Mathematical Practice.
  • Student rubrics that offer a basis for self- and peer-assessment.
  • Anchor papers and scoring rationales that provide teachers and students with examples of work that meets the standard and why.
  • Performance tasks that offer valuable formative information about students’ mathematical understanding and reasoning along with important summative data.

Exemplars will be exhibiting at the National Title I Conference in San Diego, CA on February 2-5. Stop by our booth to view a product demonstration and to pick up FREE sample tasks and rubrics!

Our teacher-friendly tasks are designed to support both the Common Core and Citywide instructional expectations. GO Math! alignments are also available.
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Explore our latest K-5 math material and begin using it in your classroom.
Set up your FREE 30-day Trial today!

Here's What People Are Saying

"In 1999, only 28% of our 8th grade students met or exceeded state standards." After the introduction of Exemplars, "In 2001, 56% of our 8th grade students met or exceeded the standards. In other words, we doubled the number of students passing the state test in the two-year time period."

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