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Standards-based assessment and Instruction

Support for Title I and CCSS

Exemplars real-world problem solving helps Title I teachers develop Common Core math skills and improve student performance.

Our differentiated performance tasks, rubrics and anchor papers are designed to engage Title I students and foster active learning, while helping teachers assess student performance and guide instruction on an individual basis.

Materials are aligned to and support the CCSS for Mathematical Practice. To read specific accounts of how our material can be used in Title I programs click here.

 Exemplars helps Title I teachers transitioning to CCSS by offering:

Differentiated tasks for use with varying developmental levels.

Each Exemplars task is differentiated with a more accessible and more challenging version, allowing Title I teachers to meet individual student's instructional needs.

Real-world tasks that engage Title I students.

With traditional assessments students may not be engaged, making it difficult to judge if student effort stands in the way of performance. Exemplars real-world tasks are designed to captivate Title I students' interests, by creating problems that are relevant to them.

Alignments to Common Core and NCTM standards.

Exemplars material is aligned to Common Core, NCTM and state standards.

Assessment rubrics that support CCSS for Mathematical Practice.

Our standards-based math rubric supports CCSS for Mathematical Practice and NCTM Process Standards. Use of the rubric allows Title I teachers to look more closely at what their students' work demonstrates about their mathematical understanding. The use of mathematical representations and communication are primary components.

Anchor papers and student rubrics for peer- and self-assessment.

Exemplars annotated anchor papers and student rubrics provide Title I students with a concrete understanding of what work meets the standard and why, facilitating peer- and self-assessment. These tools are also meant to assist Title I teachers in identifying students' specific strengths and weaknesses in problem solving.

Our teacher-friendly tasks are designed to support both the Common Core and Citywide instructional expectations. GO Math! alignments are also available.
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Here's What People Are Saying

Teaching STEM proved to be very time consuming last year and I love the [Exemplars] sample on breathing because the student gets to investigate the real-life situation instead of just watching!!

V. Barker

Science Teacher

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