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Standards-based assessment and Instruction


Where to Begin? Getting Started With Exemplars Science


Exemplars Science is not a stand-alone program. Rather it is a supplemental program to schools and districts bring standards-aligned, inquiry and performance-based instruction and assessment into their classrooms. The tasks can be used in a multitude of ways, for both instructional and assessment purposes.

Why Science Standards?


The answer is obvious. If our children understand the why and the how of science, technology, and engineering, they are better able to make informed decisions as part of a democratic society.

Time for Science


The benefits of science are many: engagement, wonder, curiosity, enthusiasm, excitement, asking questions, solving problems, teamwork, and a desire to learn more. But, how do we find the time for this?

How Can Exemplars Support Best Practices in Science?


Long gone are the days of the stand and deliver as an effective way to teach. Science instruction is now more about sense-making than memorization.

Exemplars in Action: Tokyo International School


Students learn to cooperate and communicate effectively when working on these problems, which helps to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics. Through practice, students develop a strong, transferable grasp of the problem-solving process. Our staff has welcomed Exemplars into our balanced repertoire of tools used for effectively teaching math.

When Teacher Candidates “Do the Math” With Exemplars


This blog is a reflection written by Dr. Courtney Baker, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor in Math Education Leadership at George Mason University, on her use of Exemplars with her elementary teacher candidates. The findings outlined in this piece would be beneficial to other professional development courses in a school or district setting.

Formative Assessment Tools


Effective use of formative assessment in the classroom is one the most powerful ways to improve student achievement. Research shows that the improvement in performance is dramatic.

Exemplars in the Classroom: “They Want to Become Experts.”


At the beginning of the year, I explained each portion of the Exemplars rubric to the students. The rubrics are very student-friendly and I find that they inspire students to want to become Experts.

A Problem-Solving Lab to Support the Math Practices


The school administrators at PS 54 had a vision to create a math laboratory based on the eight Standards of Mathematical Practice. The idea was to create a setting in which students could focus on multi-step problem solving.

Preparing for the New Math TEKS: Using Rubrics to Guide Teachers and Students


As you begin preparing your staff to focus on the new math TEKS this year, rubrics should play a key role in terms of helping your teachers and students achieve success with the new standards.

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