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Rebranding Symbols of Teaching

Written By: Patty Brewer, History teacher, retired

Life is a series of things we outgrow … our shoes, our clothing, hairstyles, and ultimately, even definitions of ourselves. Teaching is no exception. Are ideas about teachers outgrown as well? What are the visual symbols of a teacher?

We’ve all received our share of apples, quaint schoolhouse ornaments and sticky notes with pencils and books. But is that how we see ourselves in the 21st century as we lay aside our traditional grade book and log on to our computer assessment program, for example? And now, even that old apple has turned into Apple i-pad textbooks!

Responding to Karen Ahern a teacher from Haverhill, MA they set out to rebrand us and our mission. NPR’s Studio 360 recently took on the challenge and asked a design group, Hyperakt, to formulate a new set of visuals related to who we are as educators and the universe we inhabit. It is imaginative, playful and thought provoking … just like school should be!

The visuals and background to the piece can be found I hope you enjoy it!

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