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Spanish Translation

Carritos en una rampa


Sabrina y Joel están midiendo la distancia que sus carritos ruedan por una rampa. El carrito de Sabrina rueda cuarenta y ocho pulgadas. El carrito de Joel rueda setenta y dos pulgadas. Sabrina dice que su carrito rueda cuatro veces la distancia de un pie. Joel dice que su carrito rueda dos veces la distancia de una yarda. ¿Quién tiene razón, Sabrina o Joel? Demuestra todo tu razonamiento matemático.

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One additional benefit of using the modeling format has been that teachers not only saw an Exemplars mathematics lesson modeled as intended, but they have also had the opportunity to see numerous quality strategies for communicating with students. They have seen students enticed to communicate their thoughts to peers as well as communicating their explanations on paper. Teachers have seen best practices for establishing a working community in the classroom...

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