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Standards-based assessment and Instruction

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National Title I Conference, Booth #640

For more than 20 years, Exemplars has published math performance tasks for instruction and assessment. Our authentic material engages students and is differentiated at 3 levels. Our latest K-5 material, Problem Solving for the Common Core, features newly-developed tasks and classroom tools to support the implementation of CCSSM.

Exemplars can help your Title I program, by providing:

  • Authentic problem solving that engages students and helps them develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Differentiated tasks that allow teachers to meet individual student’s instructional needs.
  • Assessment rubrics that support the CCSS for Mathematical Practice.
  • Student rubrics that offer a basis for self- and peer-assessment.
  • Anchor papers and scoring rationales that provide teachers and students with examples of work that meets the standard and why.
  • Performance tasks that offer valuable formative information about students’ mathematical understanding and reasoning along with important summative data.

Exemplars will be exhibiting at the National Title I Conference in San Diego, CA on February 2-5. Stop by our booth to view a product demonstration and to pick up FREE sample tasks and rubrics!

Our teacher-friendly tasks are designed to support both the Common Core and Citywide instructional expectations. GO Math! alignments are also available.
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Explore our latest K-5 math material and begin using it in your classroom.
Set up your FREE 30-day Trial today!

Here's What People Are Saying

When teachers use Exemplars they know who needs more modeling and which children are able to become more independent. It is always used as a process to move the children to the next level...

Bob Simpson

K-5 Math Coordinator

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