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Standards-based assessment and Instruction

Math, Pre K-12


Exemplars performance material provides teachers and administrators with a way of teaching and assessing problem-solving and communication skills.

Our open-ended material engages students and helps them to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills to solve real-world problems.

Each problem-solving task has been classroom-tested and can be used for assessment, instruction and/or professional development. Rubrics and anchor papers are integral components of all our material.

Exemplars currently offers the following problem-solving resources:

Exemplars Library -- delivered online

Problem Solving for the Common Core, K-5 -- NEW!

This NEW program was built from the ground up for the Common Core. Delivered online through Exemplars Library, this resource offers problem-solving tasks that have been uniquely developed to meet both the Standards for Mathematical Practice and Mathematical Content. Material includes differentiated tasks for instruction and formative assessment as well as corresponding tasks for summative assessment. Learn more

Print Volumes and CDs

Differentiated Problem Solving, K-8

This program is comprised of a variety of resources to support problem solving in today's classrooms. Our differentiated tasks support the NCTM Process Standards and may be used to enrich assessment and instruction. Supplemental alignments to the Common Core, STEM and state standards are also available. Learn more

Differentiated Problem Solving, Pre K-K

This program provides teachers and caregivers with differentiated problem-solving tasks to interest and challenge young minds. Learn more

Problem Solving for the Secondary Level, 7-12

This program offers problem-solving tasks at the secondary level. Material supports NCTM Process Standards and may be used for assessment and instruction. Supplemental alignments to the Common Core, STEM and state standards are also available. Learn more

The most powerful form of professional development occurs when teachers work together to assess student performance and discuss student work. This experience ties together assessment, curriculum and instruction. Exemplars material supports this process.

Fourth grade students discuss Exemplars problem solving.

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A 4th grader upon completing an Exemplars problem

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