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Standards-based assessment and Instruction

Problem Solving, 6-8

Problem Solving That Promotes Students' Mathematical Thinking: Performance Tasks, Rubrics and Anchor Papers, 6–8

  • Cost: $225
  • Date: November 7, 2017
  • Time: 8:00 to 3:30
  • Location: P.S. 206K, 2200 Gravesend Neck Road, Brooklyn, NY 11229
  • Presented by:
Barbara LaSaracina, aka Dr. Math, is a 25-year veteran of the classroom, a two-time Governor Award winner, plus County and State Teacher of the Year. Barbara couples her passion, enthusiasm, and humor for education into lively presentations to inspire teachers to foster creative problem solving in their classrooms.

Jay Meadows has been involved in teaching problem solving since his days in the Peace Corps in Central Asia. Before becoming a middle school teacher, Jay spent more than a decade doing international development work. He has been teaching math and science for the last 10 years.

Session Overview:
Through the lens of problem solving and mathematical modeling, investigate how to measure student performance in the middle grades against the Common Core. Explore strategies for promoting mathematical communication, reasoning and higher-order thinking as well as how to improve teaching and learning opportunities with middle-grades students.

This session focuses on:

  • Engaging instructional tools.
  • Underlying concepts and processes behind a teaching/learning approach centered on the Mathematical Practices and mathematical modeling.
  • Essentials of performance-based assessment, inquiry and instruction to support the Mathematical Practices and mathematical modeling.

Exemplars 6–8 math tasks, rubrics and anchor papers are incorporated throughout the workshop. Relevant mathematical language connected to problem solving and problem-solving strategies are explored. Mathematical communication and application of mathematical concepts across math strands will be investigated. Discussion topics also include: differentiating instruction, encouraging student involvement and developing a student's ability to assess his/her own work and the work of others to improve performance.

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Our teacher-friendly tasks are designed to support both the Common Core and Citywide instructional expectations. GO Math! alignments are also available.
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Here's What People Are Saying

We see the benefits of writing in mathematics; of using performance assessments in mathematics rather than simply relying on a multiple-choice assessment. Since we stress having students illustrate their thinking in words, pictures and numbers, Exemplars is a wonderful tool ...

D. Walston

Senior Coordinator-Mathematics

Norfolk Public Schools

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